Medroyal Aesthetics is an institution which provides health services throughout the world.It offers private service alternatives in terms of care and exceptional treatment methods especially.

The Medroyal Aesthetics Team has successfully completed the treatments of thousands of patients from many countries,thanks to it’s specialists. It serves in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery with the latest technology devices.It provides customized service by it’s team members who dedicated themselves to provide health service and to meet your medical needs as well as your personal preferences, language, religion and culture expectations by considering.

With the VIP services of accommodation and  hospitality during the patient treatment process,you will feel like you are home. As Medroyal Aesthetics, it applies the latest and high-level treatment modalities for hair transplantation and plastic surgery. Especially Gaziosmanpasa Hospital responds to the patient’s all questions and requests, during the treatment process,before and after,by doing these with desire rather than counting it as a task.When the patients get in contact with Medroyal Aesthetics, it’s experienced staff examines the reports submitted by the patients by making the necessary procedures and informs the patient.

Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital IPD (International Patients Department) offers the following services to it’s patients;

  • Specialist doctors who follow internationally organized congresses and who are experienced in their fields.
  • Medroyal Aesthetics performs the best and advanced treatment methods
  • It assists in all matters for the works which may occur within the requests of the patients.
  • It strives to make the patients feel at home.
  • It provides all necessary information for the treatment process of patients by establishing a link between patient and doctor.
  • It serves patients with air and ground ambulance in case of emergency.
  • It assists in the entering and exiting processes from the hospital.
  • It stays in touch with the patient about the opinion and treatment plan.
  • It prepares all necessary documents for the patient’s right to benefit from health benefits
  • 24 hours of interpreter support is given during the treatment in the hospital,if requested.
  • It provides the necessary assistance for the treatment process of the patients and to make travel plan.
  • It helps to the transactions to benefit from discounts from many companies,such as Turkish Airlines.
  • Medroyal Aesthetics makes transactions of the transfer and accommodation according to the patient’s request.