Medroyal Aesthetic is one of the expert institutions that have been active in the field of hair transplantation with the aim of providing services and treatments related to hair transplantation methods and with hundreds of hair transplantation operations that have been successful in the field for a long time.

Medroyal Aesthetic provides service in a safe, hygienic environment with it’s expert teams in a fully equipped hospital environment.It’s proprietors are Dr. Kaan Yılmaz and Dr. Mazlum Sarı. Hair transplantation is carried out by experienced Plastic Surgery specialists and expert teams in the Istanbul based management.Medroyal Aesthetic has the property of being open to serve Europe and the whole world. Hair transplantation is performed by preferring scientific methods.

1- Is it possible to have natural hair after hair transplantation process?

– It is possible to transplant thousands of hair grafts in our age,thanks to the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique.In this way,hair transplantation can be performed which is very natural and indiscernible.In this sense the determining points are the experience of the skilled person and the hair density of the patient in the donor site.

2- Is it possible to reform bad hair in the form of toothbrush?

– Two methods are applied for this procedure. First,if the punch grafts are large and wide, they are collected from the area and transplanted with a natural array into the grafts and hair follicles.In the other technique, the bad appearance is eliminated by frequent and single-rooted transplantation around or between the punch grafts.In other words, thanks to frequent transplantation,it hides the hair islets and prevents them from being apparent.

3- Is hair transplantation a painful process?

-Aches and pain are not felt in hair transplantation, and many patients feel less pain contrary to what is believed.Psychological reasons usually cause pain in hair transplantation and make people uncomfortable. That is why, patients should be psyched up for the process.In order to have little pain during the procedure,entry should be made minimum and the thinnest needles should be preferred.No pain is felt when the anesthetic agent becomes effective within 5 to 10 minutes.The patient can watch television during the operation.

4- What is the planned intensity after hair transplantation?

– If the natural frequency of the hair in the area to be transplanted is considered as one hundred percent, the human eye can not notice the difference between fifty percent and the percentage of hair. That is why, the desired frequency ratio should be 50 percent of the natural hair frequency.In the first session, hair transplantation is performed depending on the frequency of the donor site, the hair strand of the person, the age and sex of the person.After that the rate can be increased.

5- How much does hair transplantation cost?

-When people started to spend serious money in order to regain their lost hairs, many sectors emerged in this area.Hair transplantation is a cheaper method when it is compared with spending unnecessary money to artificial hair prostheses.In order to obtain the needed information about the price of hair transplantation and the amount of graft, the photos taken from the head, neck and front part of the head can be shown to the hair transplantation center and detailed information can be obtained.

6- How and When will my hair grow?

– It takes approximately 3 to 6 months for your first hair to grow. Then it shows an extension of about 1 cm per month.The first hair is mat, curly or wavy and thin.The hair thickens, becomes colourful and brightens