Medroyal Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation Center

Gives medical service Worldwide. With special service option for special care and exceptional treatments

Our team has complete successfully hundreds of patients’ treatments up to the present. Our dedicated to health team gives special services for privileged patients like personal choices, cultural, linguistic and religious expectations/needs in addition to your medical needs. The patient feel like home with Turkish hospitality during the treatment. Our team aims to answer and help all the questions and problems of GOP Hospital patients’.

From the first contact, our professional team gets ready to start the communication for evaluation of reports, understand and cover the patients’ expectations and do best for patients’ health.

In trust of Medroyal Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation Center GOP Hospital IPD (International Patients Department), you can take services below;

Why Medroyal Aesthetics Clinic

  • Because we apply newest and advanced treatments.
  • Because we have Professional, international congresses follower and experienced doctor team.
  • Because we do all our best for you feeling at your home
  • Providing patient-doctor communication for taking advices for patient’s treatment plan.
  • Providing communication for second opinion and treatment plan.
  • Obtaining patients’ documents for coverage of insurance.
  • Helping patients’ treatment and travel plan. Helping for taking advantages of discounts of some companies like Turkish Airlines and other processes.
  • On the patients’ request, arranging accomodation and transfers
  • During hospitalisation, providing interpreter 24 hours.
  • Helping on process at hospitalisation and discharge.
  • Arranging ground and air ambulance in case of need.
  • Taking care in business on patients’ requests.

Come and be a part of Medroyal Aesthetic family…